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How to Succeed with People

Paul McGee 4.00 € Vložiť do košíka


21 easy ways to gain more confidence with and get the most out of dealing with other peopleSelf-confidence is indispensable to success in all areas of life. And, as author Paul McGee shows in this fun, fast-paced guide, an indispensable prerequisite to improving self-confidence is improving your ability to talk to people--all people, in every situation. In "How to Succeed with People," McGee arms you with twenty-one simple, proven methods for quickly building your communication muscle. Packed with priceless insights, expert advice and skill-building exercises, it gets you quickly up and running with the skills you need to communicate effectively with bosses, team members, customers, family, friends, neighbors . . . even complete strangers. Features a down-to-earth, approachable style brimming with Paul McGee's trademark wit and good humourFills you in on the reasons why people behave the way they do in different situations and how to use that knowledge to improve your ability to deal with anybody, anywhere, anytimeOrganized around common scenarios depicting situations in which better communication could have led to more positive outcomesCovers communications in an array of contexts, including work, home and community, team leading, networking, conflicts and negotiations, classrooms and seminars and many more

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